Love's Ribbon

If I gave you a ribbon, what would you tie?
A present, a hat bow, a wink of the eye?
What is special to you that a ribbon would wear?
Would it be for a puppy? or a lock of your hair?
The mane of a pony? The neck of a goose?
Or would you untie it and just wave it loose?
If I gave you a ribbon, it would fit like a glove
Round a bouquet of flowers, all grown with love.
Some ribbons are purple and some are bright green
Some are of silk and some have a sheen.
Some are made of satin or cotton, but
My ribbon's substance will never go rotten.
My ribbon is not measured by width or by length
It is the finest of ribbons with the greatest strength.
It can only be tied to someone that's true
For love is my ribbon, through and through.

©2016 Carrie Lee Pierson Schwartz

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